This is what it is to be loved.
And to know that the promise was
When everything fell
we'd be held.

This hand is bitterness
We want to
taste it, let the hatred know our sorrow.
wise hand opens slowly to lilies of the valley and tomorrow.

hope is born of suffering
If this is only the beginning
Can we not wait for one hour watching for our Savior?

This is what it means to be held.
How it feels when the sacred is torn from your life
you survive.
This is what it is to be loved
to know that the promise was

When everything fell we’d be held.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Workin Woman

Well. It has been a very, very long time since updating anything here. Believe me, I've wanted to update, and started many, but always got to a point and thought what's the point in writing anything that no one's going to read anyway?!

But then i realized, maybe no one will read it, but that should not be the point. It's like life. Maybe no one will remember you in 50 years, but that doesn't mean we should all lay down and die. Instead we should just potter along being content to live as we are, and happy with who we are.

So I shall potter along in my blog, and use it much more as a medium for expressing myself than as anything else. :)

I started work on Monday...I'm teaching music (piano) Matthew Flinders Anglican College. It was a lovely first day, with very lovely students and encouaraging prospects all over. :) I have a nice little room, (very cosy) with a plain black upright (tall), two chairs, a piano stool, cupboard and music stand. The window opposite the piano looks out and up to a pretty garden bed full of greenery.

My first impressions of my students were somewhat tainted buy the fact that some were late (up to 25 minutes late), but the other music teachers assured me that that was normal for the first day of music classes and just to inform them that it was not to happen again, which I did and so they (hopefully) will not.

I had not had enough to either eat or drink the day prior to teaching and so was ready to gorge myself at the end, which suited me perfectly as a good celebratory gorging is a good thing sometimes...although it would not quite fit into any good manners books I believe. But I was too elated at the day's success to leave much time for eating, although I do know it was a beautiful lasagne I had for dinner with salad and dessert. :)

Uni's still not started which is lovely because it means I can do whatever I want as long as I fulfill my teaching obligations, and I've been informed there will be more students as the year goes on, but that will be a good thing really.

Well, I'm going to go and eat some lunch I think, so until the next time I write (which won't be too long I promise!) so long.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Long time

It's been a long long time since I wrote...exams were on then I flew to Brunei to spend the holidays with family, and getting back uni's been full on once again! I'm currently very tired, had a late night last night, because I couldn't sleep for ages, then up before 6:30, and had a full-on day at uni. I even did a work out when I got home! So fit right?!? :D

I'm now sitting in front of my computer thinking about the pre-labs I should be doing but really do NOT want to care about...*groans* but I have to.

Anatomy's turning into a memorization nightmare...doable but still bad. Physiology is totally... wacko...no idea what's going on most of the time. But what's new right?

Psychology is going to kill me, and we have more next semester!! How horrible is that?! Oh boy, what I wouldn't do to get out of psychology. *groans*

ok...looks like I need to have a mini melt down right now...I'll write more once it's over maybe... of I could jsut have my melt down while I'm writing...that way the world would know about it. It's rather like the Jungle Dr's hippo, "I don't mind suffering in silence as long as everybody knows I'm suffering in silence!"

Homesickness has the worst timing...before exams...before labs...during parties...during lovely days with friends...during lectures when the doors are all shut, there's only the droaning of the lecturer's voice to cover your snuffles.

It hasn't been bad really :) just once in a while it kinda hits...seeing friends still at home talking about maybe leaving sometime soon...talking about family stuff...friends not living at home but who's family can visit them or that they can visit. In the Arms of the Angels is probably not the best thing to liven my spirits up atm, but I don't care!! Tears are good every once in a while... right???

Hmm...I have my first psychology asignment due this Friday. Had my first semester exam last week, (how weird is it having an exam in the second week of uni?! PLEASE!! people?!?!?! come ON!)

All Star just came on and has cheered me up quite a bit :)

I had a lovely few weeks at home for the holidays...I still can't beleive I was there...it feels so surreal...it was great seeing everyone again and so wonderful being able to be with family for a little bit. It was needed, and oh so wonderful! I came back to Australia feeling that much better about everything too! This semester seems to be going really well! (fingers crossed!!!) And I'm looking forward to the christmas break and seeing the family again :) and HOLIDAYS!! YAY!! I can't beleive it's week 3 already! the days fly by...I only have uni Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and that rocks! I get to laze around the house on Monday and Thursday, (studying but it's still nice and relaxed) :)

Well, I think I shall go...eat and do the anatomy for tomorrow's lab (did I mention we get to study real bones in lab?? we're such lucky-ducks) :

Sunday, June 8, 2008

One for Daniel

Today on the way to a tute for Stats we passed the Ride for Daniel along the Bruce Highway. There were several very teary moments. Seeing the support of all the bikers for Daniel's family even this long after he's gone missing is beautiful. He went missing about four years ago from Wommbye, my uncle actually knows his family. It's made me very thankful for many things, so many things that could happen but never do.

My heartfelt comforts and prayers go to his family even though I couldn't even begin to understand the pain they have undergone since he went missing.

I hope and pray he'll be found.

And the Count Down Begins!

It is almost the end of study week, and I'm quite scared about exams. But a lot of us are so that is always comforting (no I'm not enjoying their fear, simply reaping some comforts from it) :)

I have an exam Tuesday, Wednesday and an assignment Thursday, and then my final exam the following Tuesday. I'm dreading them, but at the same time I cannot WAIT for them to be over. *sighs* I really truly honestly am counting down almost by the hour how long until I'm free...for a while at least.


I've been sick for quite a while now, with a cold. This morning I woke up with an incredibly sore neck too which quite destroyed the last few moments in bed. I'm hoping I'm better by the exams but it's looking less and less likely :( Maybe if I sound really sick during the exam I'll get a pity grade and maybe get better marks :P (wouldn't that be nice!?)

Tomorrow is a public holiday which is very sad because it sounds like it shoud be full of fun and games but instead will be a stress bomb tiring horrible freak out! OH WELL!!

It will be over soon(ish).

Well, enough for tonight, I shall go and eat.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Girl Stuff

Obviously from the pictures behind my title I like flowers...and pink.

I had a lovely weekend in Brisbane with Shaz, A, C, J, C, A and obviously myself. We went to Newfarm, and had a picnic beside the rose gardens. The roses were in full glory and the scent was beautiful. There were two wedding groups for photos while we were there, and then we decided to try and take pictures of us jumping in the rose beds.

Hehe, it was fun...but a few of us got caught on thorns...including myself.

And to end a beautiful weekend I bought myself a bunch of flowers, so now i can just smell lillies. I love the smell of lillies. I want them at my wedding...but I want too many flowers at my wedding :P

I should really go :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Red Bull

Will someone please stop me from ever drinking Red Bull or V again?

Last Friday I had a V before a fitness test (that I didn't participate in) =p It was very...invigorating. And poor old M had to sit through a very random run of stories followed by a fit of the giggles.

But I figured it was just V that had that effect as Red Bull had been sampled beofer with very satisfactory results.

And so today, I was a little sleepy, and decided to have a Red Bull, ensuring my path didn't cross that of V.

It was also ingivorating.

And I became random.

And I exploded in giggles...it was rather like being tipsy I suppose...similar levels of control lost. And once again I was with people I did't know particularly well...well N was there, but then I'd run into D and a friend of his and they sat with us, so D and his mate left and I turned to N and said 'Was that bad?'

'Well I was embarrassed for you.'

I do NOT want to be under the influence again!!



I'm going down to Brisbane tomorrow to celebrate S's 21st birthday! Woo girl! You're gettin OOOLLLDDD!!!

Well, I'm about to cheer my evening up by watching Funny Face...at least until How to Lose a guy in Ten Days comes on =)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Too Little Too Late

Saturday morning...I've eaten nothing but junk food so far today, (and been enjoying every bit!). I'm going to a youth group tonight I think, and then I'm going to go to Brisbane either tomorrow mornign or late tonight. Not sure how it will work out.

Things have been very strange lately, very strange. I've found myself thinking about some things that I've always taken for granted up till this point and the reasons behind my taking them for granted. The results are interesting.

Have you ever thought about things and wondered why on earth you'd never thought more deeply about something? Or you'd simply accepted what you'd always heard and then suddenly started thinking about it and formed your own conclusions. And made some thigns that were simply what you'd heard your own thoughts, with a few minor adjustments.

Even though basically the same, having made points of view your own changes them so much!


Enough rambling.

I have a few weeks of hell lined up as the last exam and last assignments come up over the next few weeks. I'm dreading it and lookig forward to it at the same time. Dreading because I know it's hard work but looking forward to because I don't mind hard work and I'm sure I can do it.

Well, there seemed to be a lot more that I wanted to say before I started writing, so I will stop for now.

Maybe I'll be more communicative later...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Clean clothes!

Clean clothes are just wonderful aren't they?

I have enough clothing to last me *almost* two weeks without washing. =) Of course that doesn't mean I actually go two weeks without doing any washing, BUT I could. (Ok...maybe I have gone one two-week stint, but I am in uni and have lots of assessment due ok?!)

But I did my washing this morning, and it is a wonderful feeling to have clean dry clothes!! Of course the feeling would be nicer if I had clean dry *folded* washing, but still.

I have to go soon!

oh no!! have to go shower so i can go and catch the bus...mayeb I'll write mo later!!

Maxwell's Occupational what?!

How is it possible to remember something for so short a time as an exam, and then promptly forget it?

Yes, my first exam was today!! It was a very scary experience, and I stayed up far far too late last night trying to cram. My big problem was that it's rather difficult cram when you're not sure what to cram.

SO! I just wrote notes and tried to cram whatever seemed relevant to the course. I got to the exam and...

Well, I answered all the questions!! Of course, anyone who knows how easy it is for me to dig big holes while i'm talking would know that that isn't necessarily a good sign, but at the end I felt as happy as the babies on the side there!


Mum and dad are calling later otherwise I'd go straight to bed! (Ok ok I lie...I would stay up to catch NCIS) =)

Well, I'm still yawning and tired and can't think straight so I think I will call it quits for now!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Eating without Sharon is no fun


This can once again only be short, because I have to go study for my exam tomorrow, which I am slightly worried about. OT is turning out (the actual OT subject, not the whole course) to be much more...hmm...'airyfairy'...as in it's not so very concrete as I'd like. I don't like it whne there's more than one answer to something because it means I can never be sure that my answer was correct until I get my marks back. =(

Sharon just came and spent a wonderful weekend with me doing therapy sessions (just realized we dind't do the masque!! It will just have to wait till next time!! Make it soon!!!) And we took some photos (lots n lots actually) and so here are some of my flat. =)

So, obviously my kitchen, then my fridge (which I did myself and love dearly) then my lounge room, no there's not normally two beds in there but we decided we wanted to sleep in front of the TV and be able to watch TV first thing in the morning too so we moved the beds from my spare room onto the floor! =) (They're VERY comfy too!) And then the last is obviously me with the drinks for dinner on Friday night.

Chug A Lug is the song Sharon and I couldn't stop listening to and laughing at over the weekend. =) Roger Miller, very old, but very amusing! Haha, have you learnt all the words yet?! I'm still working on them...(mey n this uther foool besayd mee)

But my food beckons, even tho like I said it's no fun without Shaz. =( Not to mention study!!